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"I started LPing after I saw ProtonJohn and DeceasedCrab's videos and thought 'I could do this.' And tried it. Still not sure it worked."
Lucahjin in her Twitch FAQ

Reese Dressler (AKA lucahjin or Lucah) is a popular female Let's Player. Her channel currently has over 119,000 subscribers.

One of her reoccurring catch phrases is "Mah balls!" in reference to the name of her horse inside the Barbie Horse Adventure LP (ft. JoshJepson). (The other notable catch phrases are "Sir, SIR?" and the lesser-used "Madam?") Though not mature, Lucah tends to make Taco Bell jokes, and for her 100,000 subscriber special ate a taco in front of the camera.
by Cristal lee December 09, 2014
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