Motor found in late model HSV's and Commodores.

Weak and spineless, the LS2 can NOT possibly live up to the soaring heights of power output and sheer grunt of the LS1.
" poor Carmino is stuck with that shitty LS2 - I bet he wishes he had an LS1 like Tim's "
by LS1UTE July 23, 2005
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An extremley fast and agile car that is light years ahead of anything, it grips the ground like its on rails and its gutsy v-6 can demolish imports left and right
That ls2 just destroyed that 300zx.
by the car guy February 6, 2005
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A place on the internet where the majority of people own LS1's. They're all sheep and followed the mass exodus from can't beat the original;
by YourOwner June 8, 2005
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