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1) an expression often used in response to those who fail to type correctly in a game, especially in circumstances which may otherwise make the receiver appear inferior. 2) Said to someone who for whatever reason decides to alter the spelling of words unnecessarily. Often used as question for further humiliation.
#1: rofls dat nade wnd u! dis iz ma bezt skilz!
#2: lrn2typ?

A brief list of words that should set off the lrn2typ alarm:
ma=my (as in: ma bad)
Some good rules to recognize one who must lrn2typ:
1: May eliminate one of two consecutive letters. example: leter
2:Any time the letter "s" is replaced intentionally with a "z"
3: If a number is used in the place of a letter (see 1337)
by SaladToes April 22, 2008
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