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Love4art is an Australian (Melbournian usually) feminine creature, who has a undeniable passion for art. Not only art, but she is also passionate about all things in life, and loves the male species! While most of the time she is serene, she may get fiesty when provoked by the wrong person. Please be warned if your the wrong person, you might need health insurance for your backside. Besides that, she loves nothing more than a smooch or a snuggle by the right person.
Love4art is a surburban girl, who loves to be daring and riskful occasionally.
Her abilities lie in writing, art; photomanipulations and photography.
Boy: My god that love4art is so flexible.
Friend: Don't say that to me mate, i'm getting the wrong idea.
Boy: Yeah, that's the whole idea.
by artslover January 11, 2006
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