Vagina, pussy, twat, cunt, meat curtains, verticle smile, yawning taco, suzzie, bird, punani
I want to stick my wet in her love oven.
by quwee bob November 24, 2003
The backseat of a hot couple's car. especially a hot girlfriends.
They got it on so heavy, the car turned into a love oven
by geekpad October 26, 2008
When the two people getting engaged or married have only known each other for 3 months but insist they’re in love.
Cee: Did you hear about Mary and Abe? They’re engaged.
Mars: Didn’t they just meet a few months ago?
Cee: Yes!

Mars: That’s an easy bake oven love.
by starmarcandybar November 23, 2021