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Such a unique person with a unique name .Only girl you will ever need in your life , will support you and care for you no matter what , if you know a louvaine you should slide into her dm's , shes a keeper . Such a beautiful ,kind hearted girl inside and out and 100% deserves a man who gonna stick around. If you speaking to a louvaine or in a relationship with her , take care of her because your never going to find anyone who will love and support you the way she does . If you break her heart you will regret it !
"Louvaine is so unique and beautiful , im gonna ask her to start speaking "
by Pinklady25 May 12, 2019
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Best girl in the world . So fit and pretty but doesn't know it.Puts herself down too much . If u have a girlfriend called louvaine she is a keeper . Treats u right and never wants ur money . Even when u want to buy her a gift won't let u . KEEP HER IN UR ARMS, SHE IS UR PRIORITY. BE PROTECTIVE EVERYONE WANTS HER
"MY girlfriend is the best she is so fit, I love louvaine "
by Pinklady25 May 18, 2017
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