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A Twitch streamer/YouTuber who loves Gmod. Lost's real name is Kenny and he has a right hand man named chilliam so he can use his left hand for other things... Shots of alcohol become an often occurrence when donations are given and has the bladder of an old woman.
by Source_code__ July 07, 2017
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A famous Twitch streamer who spends every day role-playing in the the most cancerous game on earth with his squeaker fan-base.

Can also be used to describe being lost while standing in one place and not making an effort to find the way out
Person 1: Help!
Person 2: What seems to be the problem?
Person 1: I'm Lost1nPlace!
Person 2: Have you tried looking around for the exit?
by NexGenInsanity January 01, 2018
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