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a.k.a. "losin' your soul" Common iterations include losing my soul, losing his soul, lost his soul, lost my soul, etc. Phrase meaning: simultaneously vomiting whilst sitting on a toilet and relieving your bowels. It may also be reversed, in which the victim is vomiting headfirst into a toilet while he loses bowel control. Usually the consequence of heavy drinking, food poisoning, or a combination of the two.

There may not be definitive proof that the soul exists, but this is strong evidence that after experiencing this situation, one can now prove a lack thereof.
One is rarely able to speak properly while in the midst of losing your soul. For example:

Answers the cell phone: "He can't talk right now man, he's losing his soul. vomiting sound. He had way too much shrimp and white wine."
by reddening December 03, 2011
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