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A fellow ATG clan glitcher who's glitch skill level is higher than that of the average glitcher. If you wish to be graced by his presence, go to an ATG game on "Tony Hawk's Underground 1".
Proskater: OmGZZ It aeR L0seRBoy!!!!11!eleventyeleven! Sh0 mEE hoW yu arE so 1337 aT tEH gLitcHx0rz.
<ATG>Loserboy: Go away n00b. You can never match my glitching skill at THUG!
by MrCr0 May 09, 2005
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Loserboyan extremely good glitcher who is represented by the atg clan
Woh look at that Loserboy he is the best glitcher, lets go ask him how he does it.
by ATGlover April 09, 2005
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