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1. (n.) A competition or label for those in an eternal state of defeat, especially in the realm of FIFA '14. One gains the title of "loser bowl" by losing absurd amounts of consecutive games, or by losing to a female amateur. Synonym: NIT, Consolation game

2. (n.) A profanity that replaces a greeting upon seeing someone to degrade their self-worth.

3. (adj.) To suck major bawls.
1. "Wow, Arya lost 3-1 to Jessica? He is in the eternal Loser Bowl now."
2. "Decker saw Riley and instantly shouted 'LOSER BOWL!!!' without even a hello. How rude."
3. "John whooped Cody's ass last night in Fifa? Wow, Cody is so loser bowl."
by dxfifachampakajohnlibabygirl December 12, 2013
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