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1. a title given to someone who loses ten consecutive games in speed
2. someone who receives checks for $20 or less
3. a person who receives a RAISE to minimum wage
4. anyone who does a magic trick that is so lame that someone can guess how it was done even if that person didn't see him doing it
5. someone whose name consists of the words "Paul" and "Ogawa" in any combination
6. a hyper-sensitive japanese boy who stops wearing his blue flannel just because someone said he wore it too often then goes to old navy and buys t-shirts on sale because he really didn't have anything other than the blue flannel
7. someone who asks for a ride to the library to take the bus
"ZOMG! i think that's like the tenth consecutive time you've beat me in speed!"
"gtfo you losegowcack"

"wow. you're name is Paul Ogawa? more like Paul LOSEGOWCACK"

"look at my check for twenty dollars!one!!1!1"
"look at my benjamin. losegowcack"

"hey! i got a raise!"
"really? how much do u make now?"
"minimum wage"
"wow. you're a losegowcack"

"hey can someone give me a ride to the library?"
"oh are u getting books for ur project?"
"no, i need to take the bus"
by C Min January 20, 2008
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