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Common among male swimmers, lookies dookie is a serious medical condition that includes symptoms such as: excessive hair growth, improper grammar usage, pale skin, over-confidence, and a failing sense of humor, ending in the subsequent growth of a mangina/m-ussy.

Causes of the condition include, but are not limited to: over-chloriniation, lack of oxygen to the brain, excessive use of exclamation marks, iPhone addiction, the use of the word "bro", and 'Jersey Shore' re-runs.
Caesar: Did you see that guy's status update? I could have sword int was written by a Pre-Schooler.

Jorge: Dude, don't joke. He's got lookies dookie. It's pretty serious.

C: What?! How serious?

J: Not sure, but I think I saw him use the women's restroom the other day...
by see-see October 19, 2010
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