A command to think sexual, or think along the lines of an innuendo.
"I haven't seen James or Beth this whole time! Where are they?"
"Think long and hard."
by theblumeanie July 22, 2008
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Possible answer to the question: "How's it hanging?".
This expression refers to the alleged lengthiness, hence the weight, of the penis. It also refers to pubic hair.
"how's it hanging?"
"long and hairy, hard to carry"
by bratzorf April 11, 2016
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1.The magical way a girl gives head.

2.A way to insult somebody.
1.Magical Ninja: "Yo man my girl knows how to suck it long and suck it hard"
2.Douchebag: "Man you suck."
Magical Ninja: "Hey, you know what, suck it, suck it long suck it hard."
by Magical Ninja March 8, 2008
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