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Similar to meme wrangling, this is a technique used by some on Facebook to populate their page. It consists of trawling the Internet for funny/pithy/pretty images and sayings, copying them and then posting them to your own page.

Often used by narrow-focus groups to provide content for their followers, this is also a means of generating income, since the more 'Likes' you get, the more your page is worth to a potential advertiser.
The Facebook page SciencesRefutingReligions. This page consists almost entirely of lolmine, images pulled from around the Web that support the author's atheistic position. Some are clever, most are bad, but all follow the same theme. The only original content to be found is in the occasional posting by a visitor.
by Centurion013 July 01, 2012
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A phrase used when you find something very funny.

Said after someone says roflcopter. Because the Lmaotank shoots down roflcopters, but everyone knows that lolmines blow up lmaotanks.
"person 1" - That joke was hilarious! Roflcopter!
"person 2" - LMAOTANK!!! I win!

"person 3" - Ha! you just got lolmined! I WIN!
by digitalgravy April 16, 2010
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