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A messageboard based social networking site based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that is used primarily to promote and discuss electronic music.
1. didju read dat thread on lolli about the bacon cheese log?

2. are you on lolli?

no, I'm sober.

3. how did you know about how much frankie bones sucks?

I read it on
by baconlover412 January 30, 2009
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A cesspool of drug users chasing a high for which they are years late, mixed with the washed up remnants of the mid-late 90s and early 2000 jaded ravers.
Following are archetypal remarks found on

Person A:
"I'm bring all sorts of new people to the party this weekend. Can't wait."

Person B:
"Get the fuck on with that played out shit."

Person C:
"I'm djing the party and I've got some new wax to drop for yall."

Person D:
"You're all just haterz."

Person E:
"Hey, man, want to smoke a lightbulb? "
by Ray Vaughn January 29, 2009
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