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Yet another word derived by combining the abbreviation for 'Laughing out Loud,' lol, with another word that has an 'a' sound somewhere in it (by appending that word from the 'a' sound on to the end of the 'lol'). There is little difference in meaning amongst such words, but lollaraptor is definitely the funniest, as its namesake, the velociraptor, has such gay, gimpy little arms.
<Dr.Ichinose> Wtf did you see that newb out there trying to rail jump? lollacopter. Dude should just hang it up.

<Shivers> I told him it kicks so he should use it for 'mini' jumps ahahah lollaraptor

<all> Aahahahah lollaraptor is so much funnier than lollacopter! Because of the gay, gimpy little arms!
by Tehaxer October 10, 2006
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