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A joke which in which the humor is thought to cease/die down when in actual fact continues to be funny. As if the joke is on a roller coaster going round for a second time.

loler meaning: laugh out loud er

Commonly used in the 'geek' community.
lolercoaster: None. Only in context of a Joke. Can apply to most humorous situations if it fits the criterion of the definition.
by Lord Edward Carr August 04, 2009
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1: Another, more interesting way to write 'laugh out loud' on the internet.

2: To stumble in a goofy manner through an action.
1: QTSuMmErGrL4U: he is so ugly
Babyboi06: your MOM is ugly!
QTSuMmErGrL4U: lolercoaster!

2: "Jeremy totally wasn't ready for his speech. He got up to the podium and lolercoastered through it."
by Mitch D August 23, 2005
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The Funniest roller coaster out there, that jsut so happens to be so funny that you must combine the words rollercoaster and lol to get the meaning across
dude lets ride that loler coaster
by The_JeFF October 16, 2006
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A term to mimick people that live in chat servers and say LOLZ after everyword. See rofflecopter.
Chat Server Nerd 1: LOLZ he asked me out rofl
Chat Server Nerd 2: OMG LOLZZZ
by Shaina August 09, 2004
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As in, "lol" (laugh out loud). But laughing so hard you feel as dizzy as you would be on a rollercoaster.
When you're on AIM: haha ohmygosh today was hilar, lolercoasters!
by xxzoowxx July 28, 2010
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