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A denizen of San Francisco's Tenderloin district, indicating some level of insanity, insobriety, or general unsavoryness. Usually refers to the homeless and/or beggars who flock to this neighborhood, but can also apply to many different types of these strange creatures.
1. I can't get the door open, there's a loinling sleeping in front of it.
2. There's that loinling who pushes her cat around in a stroller. At least she's fully dressed today.
3. Did you see that loinling walking backward up the street for no apparent reason? No, the one in a Storm wig and his arms covered in foil.
4. Don't let that loinling open the Carl's Jr. door for you, he'll get pissed off and demand you pay him.
by tendernobling November 08, 2010
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