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Logical Downloading (formerly known as illegal downloading or piracy)

Downloading music/videos online for free without spending 1000s of dollars on songs. It prevents the rich from getting too rich at the cost of the poor. It also brings out new artists and enables people to hear their music for FREE!!, and if they are good, someone hears them, they get signed, they get famous and hold concerts and still manage to get rich (but cant buy that second airplane that they might of bought if people actually paid for their songs, that is if anyone bought their songs in the first place)
It keeps the industry alive and lets poorer people listen to music for the same cost that the rich listen to them, keeping everyone happy.

Yo I just logically downloaded this new guy ______'s song.. its so sick, you should logically download it..I think hes gonna be huge one day.

Man if it wasnt for logical downloading, I'd be down 10 000 bucks on songs alone. Good thing I'm logical and not a dumbass who pays for songs!
by Logical downloader May 27, 2009
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