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A cuddly animal most commonly found in the pantry; this animal loves cookies and other sweets.
1. Quick, hide the cookies before the logi bear gets them!

2. -Hey hunny.. do you know what happened to the muffins that were in the pantry?

-Why no dear, i guess the logi bear ate them.
by Adrian Simor December 10, 2008
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A nickname given to a boy named Logan, who is as sweet as pie! It started out at just Logi then turned into Logi Bear because Logi sounds like Yogi as in Yogi Bear the cartoon character.
Come here Logi Bear! Show everyone how cute you are!
by elvoagnan August 19, 2010
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Whiny little bitches who complain about a lot of butthurt.
This butthurt is ALWAYS unconditionally their own fault. Yet they fail to realise this, and go on the kind of tirades and tantrums often exhibited by 3 year olds and babies.
Logi Bear: Oh noes, I broke rules and got banned, let's go DDOS crazy
Others: Dude, nobody cares
Logi Bear: Yes they do, I'll offer you free porn as a reward for helping me
Others: Dude, you should see a doctor
by OneEyedKing June 25, 2011
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