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a word of jewish decent. a person who is classified as a loewe is typically known for being a complete showboat. they are typically the type of person that thinks they are better than everyone else. loewe's usually dont have many freinds due to the fact that they are complete a$$holes. many loewe's are considered to actually be of the bi-sexual descent. it is statistically true that upon meeting a loewe they are either full gay or bi-curious and like to experiment a lot. so basically if you are classified as a loewe you are being called a complete douche bag that deserves to get jumped and will probably go cry to his mommy when he does. now the word when used to describe something, in germany you are calling something gay. kinda like how we say in america "thats so gay" in germany they say things like "thats so loewe" so if you wanna spice up your lingo, use the word loewe in replace of gay. if you speak to a german, he will understand what you are saying.
dude i just bought the latest justin beiber album!
really? omg. you are such a loewe like seriously.
by Dr.GyroZ3 April 16, 2011
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