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The Locust Horde of Sera in Gears of War 2 contains such savages that they will kill the downs of their teammates to steal the points. While as a Locust it is acceptable to execute a downed player that is entitled to someone else so long as you say "Locust Blood" when you do.
Locust 1: "Hey that's my kill!"
Locust 2: "Locust Blood!" *Steals kill*
Locust 1: "Damn."
by The Brettmeister July 11, 2009
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The act in which one player robs another player of their rightful kill in Gears Of War 2. It is perfectly acceptable for the kill steal only if you are on the locust team. After the kill steal you must proclaim im locust bitch or i got locust blood.

But, if one is on the cog team and their kill gets stolen, they have the rightful act in stoning the jew.

The reason for this act of jewness is unclear, it is said because locust are animals and dont know what there doing....but recent studies show that whoever done it is just a dick...
Locust 1: you just jewed me of 3 kills
Locust 2: i got locust blood bitch, you know the deal....
Locust 1: damn

Cog 1: yo that was my down u fagget
Cog 2: lucust blood bitch
Cog 1: but were cogs you jerkoff

Cog 2: IM LOCUST till i die MOFO
by Pakimonnnn July 12, 2009
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