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1. An uncommon term used to refer to somebody as a "shit-chugging twat." It is typically used by seventh and eighth grade boys who reside in the suburban areas of Rhode Island, much to the dismay of new residents/visitors who get taunted with this term they're unaware of.
2. It can also be used to refer to somebody naive or gullible. This originated on an online game called "Franktown" in 2012, used to target children who gave away account passwords for memberships.
John: Man, what's up with Jerry?
Jeff: I don't know, he spilled coffee all over my brand new comic books and didn't even bother to buy me new ones.
John: Yeah, I hate that guy. He's such a fucking lobco.
Jeff: Agreed.
Notascammer22: um give me ur password ill give u membership.
Cupcakes520: ok my password is password123 get the one year membership for me.
Notascammer22 (now Cupcakes520): that girl was such a lobco. lol. i wish i had a better username tho...
by cooldude2244 May 15, 2016
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