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Originally derived from "Look at Him" by the Arlington/Belmont Crew team, "loahm" is used as an alternative word for "stupid" or "loser"

1. As an interjection, a "loahm" is a type of derogatory remark. It can be yelled at someone who has attempted something and failed, made a mistake, or is simply being stupid.

2. As a noun, calling someone a "loahm" means that s/he is a loser or generally acts stupid.

3. As a verb, "to loahm" someone means to yell/say "loahm" at someone.

"Loahm" is pronounced very differently depending on the person. It can be said out ("ləʊm") or exclaimed in a more loahmy way ("luuuu").
1. *driving by someone* LOAHM!

2. Some loahm just added a definition for "loahm" to Urban Dictionary

3. I loahmed someone yesterday for walking into a glass door.
by JohnThomas December 01, 2013
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a tumblr thing to express frustration? kinda like keyboard smashes? someone please elaborate?
girl:I see you've unfollowed me. LOAHM.
me: goes and searches that^ on urban dictionary.
by cambric flippin cosines September 16, 2013
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