The extended version of the acronym 'LARP', which is pretty self explanatory. LARP is a type of game or sporting activity similar to most modern RPG video-games, however as the name suggests it is done in live action, meaning real people in real environments. Players create their characters based on the fictional universe that their LARPing group has established and often take on particular roles or 'skills' in which they level up to benefit themselves or their team in pursuing a goal within the universe; examples of which could be overthrowing a tyrant leader to rule a kingdom, becoming the strongest player/s in the game, or simply just seeking revenge on that one friend that always screws you over. Most LARPs involve medieval or fantasy combat with soft foam weapons, some have pre determined stories where as others allow the actions of players to affect the direction of the plot.
They explained to their friends that LARP was actually an acronym, standing for Live Action Role Play
by The fat beard February 1, 2015
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