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A woman who has a few drinks and then starts hitting on-feeling up and kissing on other women. If she is a no-good dirty ho she does this to titilate men or she might do it because she really is that way inclined but too uptight to be herself in everyday life.
After four martinis, Yvette couldn't keep her hands off my tits. While I liked it, it annoys me that she is only a liquid lesbian and will deny everything in the morning.
by suzi-fu June 25, 2007
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A straight female who either makes out and/or has sex with other females after consuming too much alcohol.
She was strictly dickly but after a few shots of tequila she became a liquid lesbian.
by attacksaturn July 01, 2007
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A woman who identifies herself as a heterosexual, but after several shots will make out with other women.
straight by day, gay by night.
Sarah Jo loves being with men and would never date a woman until she starts drinking and then becomes what the gay community calls, a liquid lesbian
by jazzy42000 October 24, 2010
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