Used in espression of exasperation in similar fashion to "what the hell," "what the fuck," or "what the shit."
by J.C. June 30, 2004
peopel having sex on a blanket in a public park and you say
"what the gay"
as in what the hell are they doing?!
by Oh my me April 10, 2007
Something that you find wierd,gay,unfair,or stupid. Is kind of like: What the fuck and What the Hell. Can hear SaintDog say it alot if you play Video Games with him on Ventrilo.
SaintDog: What the gay was that shit?
Ice: Your face, just play the game n00b.
SaintDog: Actors are fake. Very Good Game.
by SaintDog January 9, 2006
A phrase you would use that would be used to indifie something that is stupid.
"dude What the gay, why did you do that".. "what the gay, you stole my beer"
by bryan pursley July 11, 2008
1. Replacement of "That's what she said," although, it is funnier because people usually do not make this connection themselves; A subtle way to call the other person a homosexual.
Man #1: "No, that doesn't go there!"
Man#2: "That's what the gay guy said. Hahahaha."
by LezzieLovers August 2, 2009
a new way of saying "what's good" since gay means happy
"hey man what's gay?" "oh nothing much i just sneezed and took a shit at the same time"
by Mithie hamburger March 29, 2022
When you're shocked. this is the only thing you can say.
"Honestly, what in the gay hell!"
by HAHA NO March 14, 2019