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A super-strongly-expressed declining/disagreeing gesture, involving tightly shutting one's eyes and shaking one's head back and forth so rapidly/forcefully that one's cheeks/lips waggle violently from side to side; this is often accompanied by exhaling/humming so as to produce a loud rhythmic burbling sound as the head is shaken. Most often used by younger children, though adults may occasionally display the gesture, especially in regards to a topic that they feel extra-emotionally-charged about.
School menu-advisor, interviewing a new kindergarten student to learn his food-preferences: So you like oatmeal with milk and raisins okay... that's good... well, then, how about buckwheat cereal?
Youngster, assuming a horrified facial-expression and almost turning green before scrunching up his face and vigorously shaking his head: Wvvbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl-vbwlvbl!
School menu-advisor, amusedly marking "no" on the list of cafeteria-selections: Okay --- MAJOR lips-spluttering dissent on THAT one!
by QuacksO December 05, 2017
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