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Joe Hahn's once used alternate word for "teenie bopper," in this case for a teenie bopper who likes Linkin Park. Typically referred to the sector of Linkin Park fans who only like them for their looks, and may have only heard a couple singles and are incapable of having critical thought about their music. Not to be confused with the entire fanbase.
Q: What do you think of all the little teenie boppers out there liking you for your looks and not your music?
Joe Hahn: They aren't teenie boppers! They're Linkie Boppers!
by whut? October 25, 2007
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a linkie bopper is a person who really likes the band Linkin Park. Joe Hahn (DJ of Linkin Park) created the word(s) so people who like/love Linkin Park is a Linkie Bopper
person 1-Hey man do you like the band Linkin Park?
person 2-DUH!! I love them.
person 1-Then you are a Linkie Bopper.
person 2-a what?
person 1-a linkie bopper is someone who likes/loves the band LP
person 2-AWESOME!! I am a Linkie Bopper!
by ClaireLPF June 29, 2006
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