in direct range of cock about to unleash spunk
if you were shooting a porn movie with a close up on the money shot then you as the camera man would be in the line of fire. not nice but a risk you take for having a great job
by vinnny August 18, 2006
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(adj.) To be in an undesirable position whereby oen will take heat from superiors or the masses.
I'm in the line of fire, but if I do go down, guess who's coming with me...
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 3, 2004
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This is the act of taking ones erect penis and holding it horizontally and thereafter setting a line of coke down the length of the shaft. A female then begins to snort from the base up, as you continue the act of holding the penis steady. When the female reaches the tip, one then lets go of the shaft causing the penis to fly in an upward motion slapping the female on the tip of the nose with the tip of the penis. This moment is known as the "Angels Kiss."
The Line of Fire (Angels Kiss) as preformed in a real life situation: Your girlfriend comes over to "watch a movie." You suggest something more exciting and edgy instead. She says "Hey, why don't we snort a line and get freaky?" "Better idea, why don't YOU snort a line, only off of my genitals though!" you say back. "lets do it!" she quickly replies. (every time) No more than a few minutes later you have an erect penis with a line of coke laid ever so gently atop its shaft. With one nostril pinched closed she looks up, giggles, and places her nose at the base of your penis. She then begins to snort. The moment may come fast or fairly slow depending on the level of experience your girlfriend may have with snorting coke. Never the less when the time comes you will know. With one simple swish of the hand you let go of your penis causing it to successfully fly up and smack her right in the nose. As you look down triumphantly at your white powder-tip nosed girlfriend, you may then step back and show your dominance once more by "serving" her for as long as you deem necessary.
by Fif Pew Pew! June 10, 2009
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