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when you take a poop that is so large it needs to be broken up by a lincoln logger in order to be flushed
Wow that lincoln logger was so big i had to use a stick and break it up before i flushed
by Mallie November 26, 2005
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A violent pseudo-sexual act in which one defecates on the blunt side of an axe, and proceeds to strike another person wit said poop-imbued tool.
Often considered a symbol of carnal-based pleasure, lincoln logging is recommended for any small group social situations including, but not limited to: game nights, group therapy, church, grocery store lines, family dinners, holiday parties, and small-scale orgies.

Verb- Lincoln Logging
"Gee golly, did that man just offer me a lincoln logger? I should have accepted his offer!"

"My oh my! I can't wait to get home and start lincoln logging my wife and kids!"
by Schaft November 15, 2013
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