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Lilibeth is the definition of a sweet , caring and lovable girl. If shes your girlfriend make sure to keep her. She will make you feel like no other. She has two sides though. That sweet inoccent side and a freaky side. Dont be mean to her cause i guarantee she will be 2 times meanier to you. Besides being mean if you ever need her she WILL ALWAYS be there for you and will put her problems aside yo help you out. So make sure to get yourself a lilibeth.
lilibeth is a sweetheart
by gonzalez9889 November 23, 2013
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The girl's name Lilibeth,is pronounced LIL-a-beth. It is of English origin. Blend of Lily and Elizabeth (Hebrew) "God's promise
lilibeth is an awesome name!
by llliiiillliiii August 04, 2008
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