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A loser who trolls his own message board in order to elicit a reaction. A true bandwagon fan, inhabits a successful team's message board but deserts the second they lose. Normally they live in poverty (see Laserra, TX) as they cannot find work due to a criminal record.
What a lilcholo! I bet he fantasizes being violated by Shaq.
by notroyalty March 27, 2009
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- ex-felon, future lifer
- hates government, relies on handouts
- master of half truth, cousin of Satan
- says nothing, professes much
- lives in Kobe's nutsack
Kobe bad. Kobe very baaaaaaaad. But if he were to lead the charge to a Ring, well... Kobe good. Kobe very gooooooood.
by Mr Lover June 23, 2004
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