A "hommie" (friend or even an acquaintance) of the smallest caliber.

A lil (little for all you white folks out there) hommie will ask you to pass them an object that is 3 feet from their body and 15 feet away from yours. This is someone who will make plans to hang with 10 people while fully knowing that they will only have time to kick it with 2 or 3 of the people, predetermining to flake out/blow off at least 7 other people.

A lil hommie is someone who is still your hommie and therefore cannot be avoided altogether but each "chill sesh" you spend with them frustrates you at the caliber of their friendship towards you and their general respect for all other humans besides themselves.
Hommie 1: Dude, Cade ate all the mother-flippin' bacon and left the eggs and pancakes for the rest of us...

Hommie 2: What a lil hommie...
by Snaze4Daze October 8, 2017
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