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A post on facebook which is used to get many likes. The bait is usually a funny vid,but sometimes can be anything. Just post it on YOUR profile,or else it'll get deleted. (Or at least stays *LUCKY!*)
-in facebook-

Me: Check this vid lol so funny (funny vid link)
Tard#1: Lolol. *Deletes it for whatevernoreasonm8*
Tard(thx)#2: Why did you delete it?
Me: Yeah,why?
Tard#1: Why did you post it?
by Light Dragon March 11, 2011
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A pointlessly sentimental Facebook status posted specifically to earn the user "likes."

The social media equivalent to linkbait, it's a more populist form of vaguebooking usually employed by sufferers of Attention Whore Deficit Disorder.
Jenny Needzattention: loves life <3

17 people like this.

Joe Realist: Sorry, but that's just blatant likebait.
by Shintricky October 04, 2011
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