When you and your friend continuously touch dicks and make the famous lightsaber noise
Jay: Hey Tom fancy a lightsaber duel?
Tom: yeah sure!
-Both dicks touch as lightsaber noises are made-
by Eggytom June 4, 2017
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The greatest 1 minute of lightsaber fighting in the Star Wars Saga. This happens just after Obi-Wan sees his master, Qui-Gon Jin die and the hands of Darth Maul. Filled with rage Obi-Wan goes to fight Darth Maul and a battles ensues, with Obi-Wan on the attack and pissed off because of his master's death, he goes on the offensive and fucks Darth Maul up in a sweet battle but unfortunately he get forced to hang off this thing in a really deep hole. Still a sweet fight though.
Anyone see the Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul Lightsaber Duel? How awesome was that.
by Knibb High Football Rules January 20, 2010
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