The process of paying for someone else's electric bill.
"How do you console my mom or give her light support
When you telling her your sons' on life support"
-Kanye West
by Sammy the Slick August 3, 2005
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this is the standard issue for the british army. there are normally 2 per section or 8 is basically the SA80 but it has an extended barrel for more accuracy and it has a bipod for even more can be semi automatic or fully automatic and you can empty a magazine of 30 rounds on automatic in around 3 seconds. the magazine is located behind the pistol grip and it has a SUSAT sight (Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux) for better viewage that an ironsight.
the LSW ( light support weapon) is a good all round weapon and with an adverage of 28 bullets per magazine and around 8 magazines per soldier it can be used as a support weapon ( as in its name). It is being ober taken by the minime. The minime is a small version of the GPMG ( general purpose machine gun)
by loz24490 November 21, 2006
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