1. Work & life shadowing. Lifetramps share their lifestyles, fostering cultural exchange.

2. Way of living in constantly changing reality by focusing on people and new experiences.

Word origins from liquid modernity concept.
1) I was lifetramping with DJ in New York last week, it was an amazing experience.
by satoshi November 29, 2013
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1. Way if living while flowing through life like tourists often changing places, jobs and interests.

2. Getting inspired by trying different jobs and lifestyles. Easy shifting from one social position to another.
Person A: Just left my job, was fed up with corporate rat race.
Person B: Well done, but whats next?
Person A: I quess first I will do some lifetramping for a while. First I want to see what's like to be a gardener. There are so many experiences and lifestyles I wish to try.
by panadash November 29, 2013
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