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When you see somebody from your childhood or x number of years ago and start to talk about how your lives are going.

They used to think they were better than you, bully you and so on. But now they're stuck in a dead end job in the same village you grew up in and you've got a degree and making a great success of your life
Hey John! I haven't seen you for ages! What are you up to these days?

Oh, yeah well I'm still living with my parents, it's great, you know they do all my washing! I just got promoted to shift manager at the mini mart! Gonna be great because we need that extra money for child number 2 on the way!

How about you?

I just finished my phd in Engineering, now I'm going to work for BMW helping to design their next sporty little number! I'm so glad I went to university, hehe remember how you would bully me!? Saying I was thick :D those were the days eh?

by grudge_bearer December 04, 2010
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