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The occurrence when one lags because of a bad connection, gets out of the map, or screen looks in real life (rl). A life glitch can not occur while playing vid3o g4mes because vg's don't exist. Life glitchers only play one game, life. Also known as being under the influence of h4x. Bad connections in R.L are very common life glitches. One in four people die in America being life glitched.
"Lolz I love hunting bears!" Dave
"I would like it a lot better if you werent looking at my screen the whole time" Tom
"Its not my fault that your internet connection is from walmart and your lagging so much you can hardly shoot. Looks like your life glitching" Dave
"Bite my h4x, lolz man" Tom
by Count H4X October 23, 2007
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