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Libug" is the Filipino/tagalog word for horny.llibug-hayok.
English word/Horny
greek word/libido
n. - libug n. - 愛欲, 性的衝動, リビドー ,.ujih4
whether the instinctual id, the super-ego, or the ego however there are sexual instinct
yes.. its simply human nature.
Oh..such a horny bitch you are!
'napaka libug mung puta ka!''

1.a funny word.

2 a word to describe that "sexual" feeling u get when ur "turned on".

3. a word that rymes with corny

4. somthing that has a horn
1. ha ha ha, u said horny

2. self explanatory

3. horny, corny, forny, morny, dorny

4. unicorns are really horny
by man from manila January 04, 2010
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