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(noun): The seemingly uncontrolable impulse a person has to outdo or "one up" another person. Typically seen when a person tells of some past experience and before finishing their story the "liaggerator " interupts with a similar story; which is mostly fictional and not confined to the laws of reality in order to diminish the experience of others and elevate their own sense of accomplishment.
Kevin: Once I jumped off of a 30ft. waterfall while on...

Stanley: Oh, one time I dove off of a 100ft. waterfall to save a guy from drowning. He was taking pictures by the edge and slipped an went over the falls. I had to free dive about 45ft. down at the base of the falls in order to pull the guy to the surface.

Kevin: You are such a liaggerator.
by Bagram Think Tank December 26, 2006
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