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1. One who routinely inserts themself into conversations where they are not welcome. One who is lexish will make comments that have little or no connection with what was actually being said, but will pick up on one or two words (which may or may not have been directly used in the sentence) and make a lame joke, then laugh histerically at it.
2. A comment that could have easily been made by someone who fits the above description.

derived from a band of three individuals in remote circles of north carolina who exibitited this behavior, all with the syllable lex, lecks, or lekz in one of their names. used widely in these circles.
Person 1: Why weren't you at my party last night?
Person 2: I don't know. I was pretty sure there would be drugs. You know I'm a Christian; it's a conscience thing.
Lexish Individual: If you're not conscious you're unconscious. You need doctors for that kind of thing.
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008
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