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At Long Beach State University in California, a group of English Literature majors of the class of 1994 took to calling girls who were rather stupid, but threw around large words, often incorrectly used and pronounced, as a means to appear smarter than they actually were "lexicunts."
It's a cross between the word lexicon, which basically means 'a group of words one knows', and cunt, which is a derogatory word for female used to express hatred.
This group of english majors thought they were extremely clever, and others aparently thought they were, too, because the term is used among english majors to this day, although now it is used to denote "any english major (male or female) who is not particularly bright, but knows a lot of big words."
The other day, Jimmy said, and I quote, "The third floor study hall of the library is the last bastion of quietude, a paradox of virtually uninhibited sofa chairs." what a lexicunt. He should just drop out of school.
by darius sunofovich January 05, 2005
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One who uses unnecessarily large words where shorter words would suffice.
Tautology? What's tautology, you lexicunt?
by JB17979 April 28, 2005
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