A square or rectangular prism shaped box commonlly situated at the front of peoples houses mounted on a post or in a precut hole in the fence. A letter box can usaully consist of two different holes; a rectangular hole cut into the letterbox, which is where the postman or postwoman places paper messages encased in a an adressed envolope. The other hole is a round cylinder, where pointless paper, also known as junkmail, is inserted by the paper boy. On the letter box,it is very common to have the number that represents the house that the letter box is used for. Some letter boxes can be locked by a small padlock to prevent people from stealing your mail (this is highly recommeded if you live in a shitty/dodgy neibourhood). Most people like to decorate their letterboxes but is usually a very bad idea.
"hey ma! Im going out to get the mail from the letter box. ok?
by THE RANDOM SPAZZ December 20, 2004
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Hiding a box in a remote location and giving clues on how to find it. Inside the box is a notebook and a stamp. Serchers bring their own stamp and book; they use their stamp to mark the book in the letter box. They then use the stamp in the box for a mark their notebook.
The letter boxing clues made the hidden box easy to find.
by desiresnomore April 25, 2009
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when a person has a very square, broad face and a very wide mouth they are said to have a letter box face. This is because their square shaped head looks like a door, and their mouth would be the letter box. If a man has a large beard,aswell as a letter box face, they would also have a welcome mat.
"his mouth is so wide and his face is so square that he looks a bit like a letter box." said jill.
"yeah he has a letter box face." said mollie
"and he also has a long beard" said jill
" thats his welcome mat" said mollie
by kirk lizard 3 December 30, 2008
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