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A grouping of alphanumeric characters meant to convey some sort of a message, but often not closely enough resembling an actual language to be easily read and understood.
Letter piles are commonly found on the internet in instant messages, emails, forums, blog comments, answers on Q&A sites, and even some definitions on Urban Dictionary. This is not to be confused with 1337 sp33k, which is purposely obfuscated, although letter piles often contain 1337 sp33k.
Bill: Hey man, how was your weekend?

Larry: ti wsa teh bst thihng evrei did tshi cichk from lonyl andhsewsasohsot hsemadmadcume6dogtmeis ti wsa os os hto aned incte bliaev ti pahpsed 2 em iam sos 1337

Bill: WTF? I have no clue what you just said. One more time without the letter piles...
by loosemonkey October 29, 2006
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