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agreeing to go out somewhere safe and private to indulge in smoking pot
Behind a tree, in the dark alley, on the beach, in someones cabin without children,or in a car with the windows closed lets do something.
by zindle April 26, 2008
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Wank tosspot MBA phase to 'motivate' perceived lesser individuals

speads virally, thrives in an environment of nerdy dead arsery
Me: Look arse, this report is still arsefest, I'm outahere

Boss: ok, Lets DO something! (You stay late and work your arse off, whilst I continue counting my money)

Me: Ok, you do something cunt. Swivel on my stapler, take a spin on me hole-puncher, take your MBA and shove it up your arse.. etc etc
by Alice Sea Kitten April 23, 2004
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