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a man that gets off by going online posing as a lesbian to chat with other men posing as lesbians
These WOW geeks i know are total lesbidudes. What happened to the good ol' days when people would spank it to Brazzers?
by Dr MLK September 10, 2010
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A lesbian avatar in an online game or virtual world who is played by a straight male in real life. The males ostensibly do this because lesbian avatars in virtual worlds are notoriously eager for cybersex yet vocally anti-male. This becomes a positive feedback loop, however, since most of the purportedly lesbian avatars are played by OTHER straight males. So, in effect, you have straight males having cybersex with other straight males under the guise of two lesbian avatars.
Man, you just had cybersex with Shebang69?! Shebang69 is a total lesbidude! IRL she is a guy. I heard him in voice chat! You just had cybersex with a guy!
by Harrisongs September 10, 2010
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