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Bread made of 100% gluten. Through hundreds of years of GMO crop cultivation, the Elves of Middle Earth were able to create a type of bread made of 100% gluten. Lembas bread can last for months without being sealed or refrigerated, and requires no extra preservatives. The recipe was lost to time, but Monsanto is now close to recreating a strain of wheat almost identical to the one from which lembas bread was synthesized.
**While talking about a Lord of the Rings themed wedding cake**
Girl: Does it come in gluten free?
Gandalf: No. It's 100% gluten. Duh doy.
Girl: What if lembas bread is actually gluten free?
Gandalf: You kidding? Lembas bread is 100% gluten. It's literally pure gluten. Do you even the precious?
by ralphthemagician June 24, 2014
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