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The blacks of South Africa call the whites legoa and/or lekgoa (different meaning).
Le-goa is derived from the Boer-trekkers when shouting and yelling at the oxen which drawn the ox-wagons.

Almost all of the African languages consists of word-classes, eg class for (singular/plural): people (mo/ba); things (le/ma) etc.

Le: the class for things
goa: shout, yell, noise
meaning: thing-noise = the thing that make a noise.

Many and almost all of these cultures outgrown their language-meanings and therefore only a handful will use these word(s) for derogation purposes.
Greeting: Dumela legoa = Good day/hello white man
Angry response: samaya legoa! = go away trash
by B4iFO September 13, 2011
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